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Supplemental CDs

Hypnobabies® has some excellent CDs to supplement the program.

Please contact me to order any of these:

Eliminate Nausea Now! - CD $15.00
This script brings you deeply into hypnosis and gives you a cue for instant nausea elimination that can be used for Morning Sickness, Late Pregnancy Nausea and Birthing Time Nausea. Very effective.

Peaceful Sleep Now! - CD $15.00
This wonderful script guides anyone experiencing insomnia into a deep, restful sleep, and reprograms the mind to use a cue every night to get to sleep and stay asleep. Very effective, and helpful for those very pregnant last few months!

Baby, Stay IN! - CD $15.00
Excellent for anyone experiencing Pre-Term Labor, this script brings you deeply into hypnosis and calms down uterine activity, has suggestions for keeping the cervix closed until at least 37 weeks gestation, (or until it is safest for baby to come out) and allows you to communicate with your unborn baby, programming your inner mind and your little one to work together to keep the baby safe and healthy until it is safe for him/her to be born.

Fear of Needles. (Needles are OK!) - CD $15.00
This is a version of the Hypnotic Cue script that incorporates suggestions for remaining calm and relaxed as well as completely physically comfortable, should you need an IV or needle of any kind during your Birthing Time or any testing.

Turn Your Breech Baby - CD $15.00
Relaxes the muscles all around the baby, allows the mom to visualize and encourage the baby subconsciously to turn, and has great success rate.

Come OUT, Baby! - CD $15.00
Brings you deeply into hypnosis and directs you to relax the muscles all around your baby, release fears that may be holding you back from entering your Birthing Time, and let go of any *control issues*, as well as communicate with your precious baby about how much you want to see him/her. It also gives you powerful suggestions that birthing surges will start soon and be strong, effective and comfortable. NOT to be used before 37 weeks EVER!

Breastfeeding Success! - CD $15.00
This script has hypnotic suggestions, affirmations and visualizations for breastfeeding relaxation, letdown reflex, increasing milk supply, confidence when nursing in public and eliminating nipple soreness, "after pains" of the uterus, and Cesarean incision pain. Create a positive breastfeeding relationship with Baby!

After Your Baby Comes - CD $15.00
This one was created directly from requests from many Hypno-moms to have a way to relax post-partum, so it contains deep relaxation, Special Place Imagery, suggestions for deep and peaceful sleep, personal growth as a parent, nurturing your mind and body in this new life, and a calm and confident mothering style. Awesome!

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