I am not currently taking new doula clients, nor teaching classes


Having a Hypnobabies Birth? You need a Professional Hypno-Doula!

It is wonderful to have a doula as an advocate for you (especially if you're having a hospital birth), to make sure your Birth Preferences are honored, and to be a nurturing presence; one that knows so many ways to help your Birthing Time progress and be more comfortable if needed, etc. You need to know that the doula you choose can help you best by becoming completely familiar with the philosophy, techniques, cue words, etc of your Hypnobabies program.

Traditional doula training provides the birthing woman with much more physical activity to stay comfortable, while using hypnosis entails much more "going inside" and specific cues that have been programmed subconsciously. Hypnobabies moms can indeed use upright positions, birth balls and walk if they want to, but this will be for progress if needed or descent and positioning of your baby, and not to maintain comfort. Unless a doula is familiar with all of this, she may not help the woman in the ways she truly needs to give birth using hypnosis.

Certainly a doula that hasn't previously been trained in Hypnobabies can be effective, they just need to be educated about hypnosis for birth and be willing to birth-assist a different way. Since all birthing women have different needs, flexibility is the mark of a good doula anyway!

(One of the best ways to make sure your doula becomes familiar with and trained in Hypnobabies is to bring her to your Hypnobabies Class! Doulas are always welcome and certainly learn a great deal from being there with you in class.)

Doulas can be wonderful at a Hypnobabies birth, and they simply need to learn to be "hypno-helpful", such as:


  1. Learn and practice the techniques and hypno-cues ahead of time with the couple, in a few Birth Rehearsals, as well as use only Hypnobabies words. This reinforces your practice and helps form a bond between you and your doula.
  2. Be a liaison for the couple with hospital staff, explaining that they need darkness, solitude and quiet, keeping distraction to a minimum, etc.
  3. Learn and use hypnotic Deepening techniques with the Hypno-mom, for use in Transformation stage.
  4. Help with Fear Release and hypno-cues during your Birthing Time, (trading off with the Birth Partner when he/she is tired, but not replacing them).
  5. Get the Hypno-mom up to change positions or go to the bathroom immediately after a birthing wave is over, and helping her to remain in hypnosis when she gets where she is going with Birth Prompts, and reminders of her mental "Lightswitch" and "Peace" cues.
  6. Be aware that positional changes and upright positions are mainly used for descent and positioning of your baby, and not for comfort, in hypnotic childbirth. When using hypnosis for childbirth, physical comfort comes from going deeper inside the inner mind and relaxing the birthing muscles very deeply, so doulas need to keep that in mind.
  7. As a certified Hypnobabies instructor I am authorized to teach a Hypno-doula trainings to doulas wishing to support Hypnobabies and HypnoBirthing couples.