I am not currently taking new doula clients, nor teaching classes

About Me


I come from a background of EMT certification, teaching First Aid Classes, a Bachelor’s degree in Human Biology and a black belt in Martial Arts where I taught for many years.

The relaxation and meditation I learned in Martial Arts led me to seek out more natural options for pain-relief when I first became pregnant. I studied several natural childbirth options and classes and had wonderful birth experiences with each of my children.

When I found Hypnobabies® I felt it was the best way to ensure the most positive birth experience for mothers who believe it is their right to make their birth experiences a positive one with little discomfort.

My desire to help others experience the kind of births that I had, led me to become a certified Hypnobabies® Childbirth Instructor and to become a Doula and begin the DONA Doula Certification Process.

I am also a Hypno-doula, qualified to support any mothers using hypnosis during childbirth.

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